Caroline Jane Reiner


Zachary Blane Millwood

Our Story

The Story of Us

Zach and Caroline's story began in September of 2017 over messages exchanged on a dating app called "Bumble"...yes, you read that right. A dating app! Zach had just returned to Oxford from serving in the Marine Corps and Caroline was just starting her first year of teaching at Oxford Intermediate School. If you know anything about Oxford, you know there are two main groups of people living there: college students and families. A dating app proved to be the perfect way for two twenty-somethings to meet in a college town! After a few days of chatting, Zach asked Caroline if she would like to have dinner with him. Caroline was excited to finally be meeting Zach, and even more excited that he was taking her to her favorite restaurant in Oxford - Snackbar. The two talked over Big Bad Old Fashions and continued their first date to the rooftop bar of the Graduate Hotel.

Fast forward to March 23rd, 2019. Caroline thinks she and Zach are meeting up with Zach's brother and sister-in-law to get drinks at, you guessed it, the rooftop bar at the Graduate. Caroline had no idea that Zach had been planning this day for months! When the two got to the bar, it was packed with people. Zach went to get drinks and Caroline was suprisingly able to snag a table. Zach suggested they ask some people outside who were using chairs as footrests to make some room so we could have a place to sit on the patio. Little did Caroline know, Zach actually went outside and told the people that he was about to propose and that he really needed those seats! No wonder they had no problem giving up their spot! As they sat and talked in the very same spot they had their first date, Zach turned his head to the door and Caroline assumed he was looking at his brother and sister-in-law coming out to meet them. To her surprise, she turned her head to see the pair's families walking through the door. By the time she turned back around, Zach was on one knee to ask her the easiest question of her life!

While we never anticipated having to postpone our special day, we know there are so many couples in the same boat as us. We are so thankful for our family and friends who have supported us and been so understanding of our decision. We know that August will be an even BIGGER party than March even thought about being!!
Nicoletta Savod